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Get in Shape with a class designed to help you lose weight, and design your body the way you want! Target your arms, stomach, sides, butt, and/or legs while boosting your cardio. Resistance Bands decrease the time it takes to get results!

                            1hr class $12

15min Stretching/Warmup- We will start by warming up the muscles to get our blood flowing and ready for a quick stretch all while using resistance bands.

30min Resistance Training- One of the most effective ways to lose weight, gain balance, stamina, flexibility, and muscle tone is to use resistance. In this class we use upper and lower body bands which also engage your core muscles to get that tight stomach!

15min Cool Down- After cardio it’s always a good idea to stretch out and cool down so your muscles won’t be as sore the next day.

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312 Illinois Ave.

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Tuesday - Saturday

Hours 9am- 7pm

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    cut & Style


    Specialty do

-Facial Waxing


    Nails Sets & Fills



Express yourself through movement.

We will work on pole tricks, fluid movement, flexibility, and strength. It’s no wonder why pole dancing’s popularity for fun fitness is increasing. We will be practicing on both spinning and stationary poles. Pole Dancing also incorporates floor work so get ready to dance.

                                    1hr class $15

Breath, Stretch, Relax, Feel Good. Focus your energy on you and only you. Learn how to meditate while releasing tension in your muscles. If you have pain, stretch and strengthen the muscles that are weak with slow motions. It’s quality over quantity that counts as we focus on the technique of movement, breath and posture. Bring together the mind, body and spirit with a tranquil experience.

                                  1hr class $15

Yoga + Aerial Yoga Classes

15min Warmup- In order to achieve deep stretches, without injury, we must warm up our muscles. We will also learn how to breath properly and how to achieve you perfect posture.

45min Yoga- Relax and feel your muscles releasing tension. Meditate as you go through the motions. Gain balance, flexibility, strength and peace of mind.


-Teeth Whitening

-Chemical peel

-body waxing


-Skin Care













312 Illinois Ave.

st. joseph, Missouri 64504

(816) 238-0942

Tuesday - Saturday

Hours 9am- 7pm

Call A New Day Spa for  Package Details

Call A New Day Spa for  Package Details

Please call to schedule a class


Pole Dancing Classes

Please call to schedule a class (816)238-0942

15min Stretching/Warm Up- Flexibility is important to make your dancing graceful and to increase your range of motion!

30min Pole- We will start off with the basics and work our way up!

15min Strength- It is important to increase your strength to make your pole dancing look effortless!

Please call to schedule a class